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The Center for the First-Year Experience hires over 130 student employees each year for paid internship and staff positions. Student employees can expect to gain valuable leadership knowledge, improve communication and facilitation skills, and have fun representing UW-Madison to incoming, first-year, and transfer students.

We’re Hiring!

Applications for student positions are open from now until midnight on Friday, January 25, 2019. See below for position descriptions. Apply through the form below, or open the form in a separate browser tab here. You will need to upload a resume, cover letter and submit the names and emails of two references in order to complete the application process.

  • SOAR New Student Leader-$10.50/hr (Summer: 30+ hrs/week)

    This position of New Student Leader (NSL) can reward you with experiences and skills that will enhance your career and personal development.  Each NSL plays a critical role in the success of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s First Year Experience, including Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) and Wisconsin Welcome. 

    Hours for this position are 30+/week in the summer, and training takes place in in the latter part of the spring semester. Early fall hours available also.

    NSL Job Description

  • SOAR Orientation Assistant-$10.50/hr (Summer: 30+hrs/week, Spring: 6-10 hrs/week)

    Orientation Assistants (OAs) are the “stage managers” that make SOAR run smoothly for the more-than 16,000 students, parents, and guests that attend each summer. OAs expertly communicate with students and families before their arrival on campus, greet families when they arrive at check-in, and manage the daily operations of the SOAR office. If you love problem-solving and teamwork, being an OA could be a great fit—remember: you can’t spell SOAR without “OA!”

    Hours for this position are 30+/week in the summer, and 6-10/week may be available during the fall and spring semesters.
    OA Job Description

  • Wisconsin Experience Teaching Fellow-$10.50/hr (Fall: 6-10 hrs/week)

    Are you interested in gaining teaching experience? Do you want to improve your facilitation skills?  Undergraduate Teaching Fellows serve as peer leaders for first-year students, and as co-instructors of the Wisconsin Experience Seminar. The seminar serves about 600 students each Fall in about 30 class sections. Fellows co-teach, facilitate workshops and activities, engage in professional development opportunities, and learn about the interests, assets, and aspirations of the students in their class through community-based learning and a variety of facilitation experiences.

    Time commitment is 4-6/hours per week during the fall semester only. Spring semester hours may be available on request.
    Undergrad. Teaching Fellow Job Description

  • Transfer Coordinators-$10.50/hr (Fall/Spring: 10-12 hrs/week)

    Transfer Coordinators may choose from two positions:

    1. BadgerCETE Coordinators: co-facilitate the leadership cohort BadgerCETE, meet with new transfer students at office hours in the TEC (Transfer Engagement Center), and staff the TEC during open hours.
    2. Transfer Engagement Center Coordinators: responsible for running the ongoing programs that take place in the TEC, staffing the TEC and answering questions from visitors and transfer students.

    Transfer Student Coordinators Job Description

  • Our Wisconsin Facilitator-$12/hr (Fall only, hours TBD)

    Co-facilitate large groups of freshmen in the first few weeks of the semester,while guiding them in discussing issues of inclusion and diversity. To learn more about the Our Wisconsin program, visit the inclusion education page.

    Hours for this position include spring training days, late August training, and the first six weeks of the semester. Occasional hours in  late January may be available.

    Our Wisconsin Student Facilitator Job Description

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