Resources for Inclusion and Social Justice

We’re happy to share resources for further learning about issues of inclusion and social justice, as well as campus spaces for community and support. Links coming soon!

Our Wisconsin Facilitation

Employment with Our Wisconsin Applications are currently open for 2019-2020. Students should apply here and professional staff and faculty members should apply here.

Our Wisconsin Workshops

Our Wisconsin inclusion workshops are available to all undergraduate first-year students living in university housing. The workshop features structured dialogue, activities, and reflection. Each workshop is led by a co-facilitation team, including Badger Way peer facilitators, and a staff or faculty facilitator. In partnership with University Housing, all students living in the residence halls will be assigned…

Inclusion Education

The Wisconsin Experience Seminar The Wisconsin Experience Seminar (COUN PSY 125) is a one-credit (75 min/week, 15-week), extended orientation first-year seminar open to all new students (freshmen and transfers) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is taught by a faculty or staff member and an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow in an active, discussion-driven, and community-oriented learning environment. Class…