Peer Mentorship

Peer Leadership and Mentorship with Transitioning Students

Peer Leadership and Mentorship with Transitioning Students (ELPA 350) is a one-credit course for students who are, or aspire to be, peer leaders at UW-Madison.

Students will:

  • Closely examine the role peers play in leading new students through their transition to college.
  • Think, write, and talk about their own transition to UW-Madison, learn the theoretical basis for understanding student transition, and develop their leadership and mentoring capacities.
  • Complete reflective writings and experiential assignments, and participate in a weekly intensive discussion section.

The course culminates with a final paper and project outlining what students have learned and how they will apply this knowledge to their next steps.

Course Objectives:

This small, interactive course is designed to help students grow as leaders, to reflect on what constitutes leadership, and to develop specific leadership skills.

As a result of this course, students will be able to… 

  • Assess their leadership style and how that impacts their ability to work with others.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal communication, group facilitation, and helping skills.
  • Create inclusive learning environments that engage all students and support authentic dialogue across difference.
  • Discuss the principles, purpose, and ethical standards of peer leadership.
  • Describe how they plan to continue their learning about peer leadership and mentorship, and make an impact as a peer leader at UW-Madison.

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