University of Wisconsin–Madison

Inclusion Education

The goal of inclusion education is to raise awareness of the diversity within our student population, and to encourage an open and respectful environment in which students are free to share their experiences and identities. Inclusion education is the engine behind the Our Wisconsin program, which provides a three-hour workshop on diversity and inclusion to each first-year student living in the university residence halls.

Please visit the Office of Diversity if you’d like to learn more about how UW-Madison supports equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Our Wisconsin is an inclusion program that was developed to build community among our diverse campus. Our Wisconsin’s aim is to improve the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s campus climate, as it is one of our core beliefs that every student at UW-Madison, regardless of their background or how they may identify, should feel safe, valued, supported, and welcomed.

Our Wisconsin inclusion workshops will be provided to all undergraduate first-year students living in University Housing residence halls.

To learn more, visit the full Our Wisconsin site.

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